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He transferred his forefinger to the other side of the shaft, and
hooked it below it, supporting it so that the glans, by now doubled in
size, was raised up. His thumb rubbed the upper surface of the shank,
and more fingers joined in the support. He took the hand away, to re-
assure himself of the presence of the towel, to catch the sperm and
perhaps to cover himself in case of an intrusion. When he removed his
hand, the shaft supported itself.

He switched on the bedlight, and lay admiring the growing weapon.
By now it was no mere stiffy, but a tree in full flare. He watched the
taut skin pulling slowly back across the glistening plum-surface of
his close textured glans. There was no quick flick of the fingers this
time: he was taking his time. When the skin finally caught up on the
flaring corona, the upturned rim of his glorious helmet, he pressed
down with both hands on his pubic lawn, stretching the skin on the
shaft enough to clear the rim.

Gay experiments

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He turned around with his engorged memeber in hand and continued
pumping on it with his hand. I watched him, his eyes closed to mere slits
in his face, and his face screwed up in an expression of what looked like
intense pain, but I knew better.
Biting down on his lip, he let out a sharp, quick groan and
released his supply of semen. It shot out in large white globs, a couple
of which hit me.
“Ahhh, that was great, Alex,” he said, breathing hard, his cock
slowly growing limp as he stood under the shower head.
“I liked it too,” I answered, scrubbing his semen off my body.
“Maybe we can do that again some time. Like at my place or yours,”
Tim suggested.
“Sure,” I answered.

Never met before

Back in my room, i turned on my pc, and began sorting through all my “things to do” notices that had been accumulating for a week. Finding quite a few homeworks needing doing, i groaned and set to work. Only several hours later did i come across a note reminding me about the birthday partycontinue…

Corey the sexy hunk

Corey was a hustler. He was a rare one. He was self-admitted and happy in his work. It was hard to guess his occupation from his genial facial expression. He stood out from all the other solemn-faced hustlers like a bright new penny in a jar of old ones. Corey probably could have been incontinue…

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I ripped off those tight Speedo’s to reveal his manhood. He was so muscular. He was now lying on his washboard stomach, his biceps flexing as he groped about. Without a word, a positioned by hard cock at the base of his asshole and began to push in. Peter screamed “No! Don’t do this tocontinue…

Dating A Man

I was getting in touch with the fact i wasn’t goin to marry the girl i took to the school prom and while i was dancing with her i was checking out all the guys who at one time to me were dorks and now they were in tuxes and looked very hot to me…especiallycontinue…

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Sean, Tom and I hung pretty tight and the others drifted off. We danced and danced and danced and danced and danced — all the while the bartenders kept sending us drinks (as they were thrilled to have Tom in the bar too). The bar was packed. After about 23 1/2 6-7 minute 12″ singlescontinue…

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Alcohol makes these boys wanna try gay sex. We ainТt alcoholics Ц we just get these boys drunk and fuck Сem any way we want to. After a few shots of vodka their secret wishes come to life. Alcohol and cum is their favorite cocktail! Pretty boys hang out with us, get drunk and endcontinue…

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I was talking to a new friend the other night and he wanted to know just when I realized I was gay. I told him that I realized that boys interested me from the time I was about 5 or 6. I used to live in the city of Poughkeepsie in New York and ourcontinue…

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Twinks for cash: cute teen males are ready to do anything for bucks, for they need money badly and they dont care for aching asshole and sore throat as soon as they get paid for sucking and riding cocks… and some extra tips for swallowing hot goo!

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