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He transferred his forefinger to the other side of the shaft, and
hooked it below it, supporting it so that the glans, by now doubled in
size, was raised up. His thumb rubbed the upper surface of the shank,
and more fingers joined in the support. He took the hand away, to re-
assure himself of the presence of the towel, to catch the sperm and
perhaps to cover himself in case of an intrusion. When he removed his
hand, the shaft supported itself.

He switched on the bedlight, and lay admiring the growing weapon.
By now it was no mere stiffy, but a tree in full flare. He watched the
taut skin pulling slowly back across the glistening plum-surface of
his close textured glans. There was no quick flick of the fingers this
time: he was taking his time. When the skin finally caught up on the
flaring corona, the upturned rim of his glorious helmet, he pressed
down with both hands on his pubic lawn, stretching the skin on the
shaft enough to clear the rim.

Shower room

As the boys left it became quieter and quieter in the room as the shower nozzels were turned off and the chatter from the various people was taken out into the locker room which was just around the corner from the showers. Soon I could hear just two shower nozzels still spraying out water. Icontinue…

Last Nite Gay Adventures

Thinking of last night, I wonder how many things. Like how will you act when you cum and how your tounge will fill against my throbbing clit. Yes, we made love last night, but it was only the beginning of endless possiblities. You are built larger, heavier, than me. I love that. Underneath you arecontinue…

Public Gay Cumshot

His muscles were tightening — the time for that hot white explosion was close. Trying to stand firm, some fucking ass- hole bumped into me and I about fell — Tom had his eyes closed and cut loose with the my powerful yell and shot his load — SPURM — SPURM — SPURM — SPURMcontinue…

Gays Anal Sex

He kept grinding to the music into my back and was sticking his hands down the back of my pants squeezing my butt. There were so many people in this bar that noone was really noticing what was going on (except the bartender behind us). Then I turned around and wrapped my arms around thiscontinue…

Gay Threesome Tight Ass

Darren kneeled over Josh’s dick
and lowered his ass down to take it all the way in. Since Darren
had his back turned to Josh, i had a clear shot at Darrens 7″ throbbing
cock. So while Darren bounced up and down on Josh’s dick, I took
Darrens dick in my mouth and sucked him off until he shot his
hot stream down my throat. Then Darren got off of Josh’s dick and
layed stomach down on the bed and gave Josh a blowjob. I kneeled
down just below Darrens ass, opened his muscular buns and pushed
my dick all the way in Darrens tight ass. After a few minuts of
fucking his warm butt, I shot inside him and a few seconds later
Josh shot his load into darrens mouth. After we cleaned up and
got dressed theytold me that the story we would tell everyone else
is that we all went to get something to eat and to this day that
is what everyone else thinks.

Best Friend

My “first time” was in high school. I was a right halfback in the old t-formation and I had an offensive tackle, named Dick (off all things) who was one of the best blockers in the city. He really made me look good and paved the way for me to be all-city my senior year.continue…

Gay Solos Blog

Now Gay Solos Blog is open and new posts are to come soon featuring solo gay pictures, gay softcore and twinks posing.

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