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He closed the book, laid it flat on his stomach, and passed a hand
down to grasp his shaft, then he began the work of the hand on the rod
of iron. His technique was obviously practised, but unsophisticated.
Writhing; delicious: he was a toe wiggler. The thigh muscles filled –
full buns with deep side hollows and a clean division between the
curve of the bun and the straighter convexity of the under-thigh. As
the knees came up, the deep top grooves were clear, and most inviting.

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Suddenly the bell rang, signalling the end of class. We rushed
out into the locker room, got dressed, and just barely made it to our next
I decided I had to join the track team.

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As I slowly washed myself I glanced surreptitiously around at the
naked boys in the shower with me. Some of my favorites, like Tim Holzny,
I would come back to more often to watch. Teasing myself I would first
start looking at their face and then let my eyes travel down their bodies
until I found that special place they rarely revealed to the outside
world. Of course, if they happened to look over my way I would have to
immediately glance away. It was expected we would look at one another,
but intense scrutiny like mine wouldn’t be looked upon kindly. I
especially enjoyed watching the guys as they touched themselves. Sure it
was just an innocent gesture, but it still excited me.

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One of my floor mates was taking a shower, and since the shower
stalls are behind the sinks, and have NO curtains or such, i couldn’t
resist brushing my teeth, shaving, combing my hair etc., just so i
could watch him shower. Nothing super-remarkable, not after what i had
just been with, but nice. Firm, nice body, good build..
Definitely male. I couldn’t repress a smile as i walked off. Yep,
Definitely! male. (i had not been able to NOT notice that semi
erection he’d been sporting)

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Ray opened the front door to his home and there stood Brady. He stood about six feet four inches and weighed about 200 pounds. He was solid muscle. Brady’s handsome face and boyish smile was enough to melt metal. “Come on in Brady.” Brady entered and walked into the living room. “Have a seat.” Bradycontinue…

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Returning I began on your right breast, licking lightly at first until I reached the nipple. There I stayed until it became hard, and then I sucked all of your breast into my mouth. You let out a gasp. Goddess, you are a quiet one. I did the same for the left breast and recievedcontinue…

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He offered me a lift to Newcastle, for free. Well, I couldn’t afford to refuse, could I, and he was rather nice. Looking at my thin jeans and denim jacket, he said I’d better borrow some leathers from him, or I’d freeze to death. So we went back to his flat. In his wardrobe he’dcontinue…

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When I was a junior in high school a couple of years ago, there was the really hot guy on the water polo team named Peter. Now Peter was also a junior and he was incredibly muscular. He worked out in the pool daily from 5:45am-7:30 and 3:00pm-5:30pm. He also pumped iron regularly. He hadcontinue…

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At this point I noticed that the guy across the way had pulled his huge cock out and was stroking it in front of us! This was getting wild!! I watched as the guy standing next to me was getting a huge hard-on and, of course, I started to get aroused too. All of acontinue…

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Sean, Tom and I hung pretty tight and the others drifted off. We danced and danced and danced and danced and danced — all the while the bartenders kept sending us drinks (as they were thrilled to have Tom in the bar too). The bar was packed. After about 23 1/2 6-7 minute 12″ singlescontinue…

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Falcon always knows a dozen of ways to get a cute twink suck his dick. He asked this pretty taker out and eventually took him home for a couple of drinks and a friendly chat. Sure enough he got the guy dead drunk in no time and after a short passionate prelude had him suckingcontinue…

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I remember the sound of luggage rolling across concrete as he turned. The ripple he made in time frozen on my brain, the image of his sway. I stole that parting glance and tasted the air through which he had passed, brushing against me a sweet memory. He said something, or hinted at something perhapscontinue…

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