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Completely still, with his eyes closed, for about a minute, then
wiping the spunk from his stomach and hand. He began to milk the re-
maining juices from his dying cock, pulling upwards with the tip of
his forefinger pressed hard into the underside of his organ. He wiped
the gland carefully, so that the foreskin, now beginning to bunch be-
low his glans, wouldn’t stick too painfully when it had return to the
protection position. Finally he cleaned the mirror, before folding the
towel under his prick’s tip to mop up any last weeping.

Then he closed his eyes, flicked the light switch, and rolled over
on his side to sleep.

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It only takes a bottle of wine to make these twinks crave for cock. We get em drunk past the test and give their sexy assholes the fucking they will never forget!

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The sensations of being fucked AND fucking got really intense,
really fast, and of course, Seans excitement became ours. After what
felt like a short time, but it was impossible to tell, we came, Sean
milking me dry as he filled Don up and Don messed his bed. Again
falling asleep (i had just started working nights a week before my
birthday) this time with my cock imbedded in sean, i had many pleasant
dreams after that, but didn’t wake til morning.

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Corey was a hustler. He was a rare one. He was self-admitted and happy in his work. It was hard to guess his occupation from his genial facial expression. He stood out from all the other solemn-faced hustlers like a bright new penny in a jar of old ones. Corey probably could have been incontinue…

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I went to the video arcade/bookstore last night and had a pretty unusual experience there. I went to the back booth to watch my favorite type of videos and dropped a coin in the slot. shortly after I started to notice that a black man entered the booth across the way and proceeded to watchcontinue…

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Was going to a school back east in the wonderful 70’s. Men’s room in the fine arts school was the site of a glory hole, where I would occassionally sit in the stall where it was and try to figure out why someone had cut a hole out of the wall at this level.. Thencontinue…

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His hands came up and caressed me at the bottom of my spine, and I half-jokingly mimicked a passionate grind against his thighs. He rubbed both hands over the back of my ass and really seemed to be getting turned on. A nervous chuckle started in my throat, but I swallowed it in a gulp.continue…

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The day started like most that I had been at my special place. I removed the blanket from its hiding place and spread it out on the grass. I slowly stripped off my male clothes and started to prepare for my transformation into “Becky”, my female persona. I removed a mirror from the small bagcontinue…

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A few years ago, I lived in a luxury apartment complex. Across the hall was a great guy by the name of John. John was a very well liked guy around town, owned his own business, was attractive, dated several nights a week, and enjoyed most sports. We met while golfing at the complex’s course.continue…

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Alcohol makes these boys wanna try gay sex. We ainТt alcoholics Ц we just get these boys drunk and fuck Сem any way we want to. After a few shots of vodka their secret wishes come to life. Alcohol and cum is their favorite cocktail! where to find these nasty gays? real drunked boys Archive-name:continue…

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I don’t know, but for some reason I always felt different. The other girls in my class were all starting to go boy-crazy and I just didn’t get it. I dated a little, kissing, getting felt up, but it never really seemed to be as interesting as the other girls made it out to be.continue…

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