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Then again he relaxed. He reached a hand up to move the book,
placing it upright on the bed, propped against the side mirror wall of
the alcove and turned the upper part of his body so that he could
stare at it.

And his eyes thus engaged, he resumed the pumping action. A looser
grip at first, his hand sliding farther up and down the shaft, then a
tighter grip at the top, the side of his finger digging into the sen-
sitive point. He meant to complete the job this time.

His other hand was cupped to his bollocks, the forefinger digging
into the root of the shaft beneath the taut skin. Did he mean to halt
the flowing? His hips and thigh reared up once more, his toes and feet
twisting the sheet into knots beneath them. The sheen on his glans was
lost as the pores open up with the climactic blood flow. He would
come! He would come!

Too late did his ball hand clutch for the towel, for the first wad
was already airborne, flying to land above his navel. The twist of his
body sent the second jetting to a splatter on the side mirror. He was
obviously very full, for the third spasm also sent a glob into the
air, landing on his still pumping wrist. He spasm again and again, but
this time producing floods of more liquid spunk which flowed warmly
down onto the top of his hand. He spasmed a six and seventh time too,
but this time nearly dry – just a wide working of the glistening eye
of his dick. Then the pent-up breath was released.

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gay hardcoretwinks sex party The first stage of erection was complete, the ridge of skin below the corona disappearing into smoothness as the penis filled to its last inch. He used the towel to remove some of the stickiness from his
plum, wincing a little at the touch of the rough cloth.
Still Anton just lay there, admiring what was certainly very much
to be admired. Then he reached up for a picture book, the stiff member
wobbling in its weak rooting as his upper body arched. He brought the
picture of one beauty to the surface of the bed beside his loins. He
held the open book above his midriff for a long time, look at it, but
making no attempt to stimulate his organ. Apart from the occasionally
pulsing which is natural in an unattended erection, there was no obvious reaction in his tool.

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I continued to stare at his cock and felt a little stirring in my
groin as I stared with complete freedom at his penis. As I watched it
gave a little jerk and grew a little longer. Immediately my cock
responded, growing to its full length. There I was, in the shower with
Tim with an erection. Just at that moment Tim chose to open his eyes and
look at me.
“Got a little excited, huh?” he asked.
I blushed and turned away from him. “Uh, yeah,” I mumbled.
Tim chuckled. “Hey, dude, it’s okay. Turn around.”
I just turned my head and saw that Tim had grasped his organ and
was running a finger over the head of his cock. It was slowly elongating.
“Let me look at ya,” he urged.
I turned around, the butterflied in my stomach beginning to circle
as my heart raced. What was going on here?
“That’s a nice one,” Tim said. “You like to look at guys pricks
in the shower, don’t ya?”
“No,” I protested vehemently.
“I do. Why do you think I’m on track? I get to see all kinds of
guys in the buff. It’s great. You should join.”
“I don’t–”
“Come here. Why are we talking all the way across the room?”
I shut off my spigot reluctantly and walked over to him. He moved
over a little bit and let me share in the water. He lathered his hands
and brought the right one over onto my shoulder. He slowly ran it down
over my chest, pinching and rolling my left nipple as he went.

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After a seconds pause to savour the feeling of Blondies hot mouth, Red began thrusting into Blondies throat, talking all the while, too quietly for me to hear. After a bit i noticed that blondy was taking Red down to his flaming bush, a feat that astounded me, since Red looked to be larger thancontinue…

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At this point he noticed a couple of guys staring and turned me around (so that my back was against his chest and stomach again). I moved about 2 inches away so that I didnt feel his stomach against my back (so I could try and suppress my hard on). About 30 seconds later, withcontinue…

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It had been a great day. Warm, dry and the traffic had been light. I had been riding for some seven hours now, but wasn’t yet tired. The sun had just started to draw the evening curtains, and there was a faint hint of rain on the cooling twilight air. I was cruising along acontinue…

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My “first time” was in high school. I was a right halfback in the old t-formation and I had an offensive tackle, named Dick (off all things) who was one of the best blockers in the city. He really made me look good and paved the way for me to be all-city my senior year.continue…

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