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Relaxed – pumping not stopped, but much slowed, and the hand pres-
sure minimal. The he slipped the hand up higher, and began to caress
the point below the glans with the side of his finger. Some fluid had
formed at the eye of his shaft and he slicked it down over the point
as a lubricant.

He began to pump once more in this higher position. His sweat-
dewed face, mouth wide open in rictus of excitement; between the tun-
nel of his legs, the balls, now pulled high and close as orgasm
neared. His shaft was indeed now bending back over his belly as he
left the plateau for the summit.

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He closed the book, laid it flat on his stomach, and passed a hand
down to grasp his shaft, then he began the work of the hand on the rod
of iron. His technique was obviously practised, but unsophisticated.
Writhing; delicious: he was a toe wiggler. The thigh muscles filled –
full buns with deep side hollows and a clean division between the
curve of the bun and the straighter convexity of the under-thigh. As
the knees came up, the deep top grooves were clear, and most inviting.

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gay hardcoretwinks sex party The first stage of erection was complete, the ridge of skin below the corona disappearing into smoothness as the penis filled to its last inch. He used the towel to remove some of the stickiness from his
plum, wincing a little at the touch of the rough cloth.
Still Anton just lay there, admiring what was certainly very much
to be admired. Then he reached up for a picture book, the stiff member
wobbling in its weak rooting as his upper body arched. He brought the
picture of one beauty to the surface of the bed beside his loins. He
held the open book above his midriff for a long time, look at it, but
making no attempt to stimulate his organ. Apart from the occasionally
pulsing which is natural in an unattended erection, there was no obvious reaction in his tool.

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After going to bed, showered and, of course, naked, Anton had lain
awake for some time. Then he got up again and fetched the hand towel
from the wash-station. He placed this by his hips when he lay down.
His intention was obvious. He was lying on his back, with his left
hand caressing the inside of his thigh, and nuzzling up against his
balls. His forefinger began stroking the adjacent testicle. His other
hand was flat on his stomach. His penis lay where it had flopped, the
glans between the other ball and his thigh. It was clearly stirring.

The upper hand began to migrate south, stroking the sensitive skin
of the smooth area between the navel and the pubic hair. He had a
thick forest, but low down and with a clean upper line. When they
reached the root of his phallus, he parted his forefinger and second
finger, and ran this vee down to embrace the thickening shank. A few
pushes, with the fingers curving down to engage with the upper scrotum, and the glans looked distinctly heavy.

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He turned around with his engorged memeber in hand and continued
pumping on it with his hand. I watched him, his eyes closed to mere slits
in his face, and his face screwed up in an expression of what looked like
intense pain, but I knew better.
Biting down on his lip, he let out a sharp, quick groan and
released his supply of semen. It shot out in large white globs, a couple
of which hit me.
“Ahhh, that was great, Alex,” he said, breathing hard, his cock
slowly growing limp as he stood under the shower head.
“I liked it too,” I answered, scrubbing his semen off my body.
“Maybe we can do that again some time. Like at my place or yours,”
Tim suggested.
“Sure,” I answered.

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Tim Holzny was one of the gods of the shower room. He stood at
5’8″ and had short blond hair. It was almost white blond. He had a very
light skin tone and the blond hairs on his arms and legs barely stood out
against it. He was well built since he was on the track team. He had
very muscular legs and a well defined chest. He had a hairless chest like
mine with hair under his armpits. At his crotch there was a thick mound
of dark blond hair just at the base of his penis which was about my size,
but it seemed fuller than mine at the moment as it hung between his
thighs. I could also see blond hairs on his balls. He was definitely a
natural blond.
Slowly the guys started to exit the shower, but I took my time. I
liked to watch for as long as I could. I continued to pretend to shower,
running the soap repeatedly over my chest and arms as I watched the firm
white asses parade by as they left the room. Then my gaze would return to
the other guys in the shower and continue to watch them spread soap over
their bodies.

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As I slowly washed myself I glanced surreptitiously around at the
naked boys in the shower with me. Some of my favorites, like Tim Holzny,
I would come back to more often to watch. Teasing myself I would first
start looking at their face and then let my eyes travel down their bodies
until I found that special place they rarely revealed to the outside
world. Of course, if they happened to look over my way I would have to
immediately glance away. It was expected we would look at one another,
but intense scrutiny like mine wouldn’t be looked upon kindly. I
especially enjoyed watching the guys as they touched themselves. Sure it
was just an innocent gesture, but it still excited me.

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One particular afternoon after finishing up our swim, we all piled
into the showers, stripping off our swim suits once in there and washing
our private parts in the very public atmosphere of the shower room.
It was a large one room building just off the door to the swimming
pool. With only about 25 guys in the class, we could all fit in the room
with a few spigots left over which gives you an idea how large the room was.
On this particular day I was running my hands lovingly over my
19-year-old body. I had a tan which I had gotten from my trip to Florida
over Christmas break. It was lighter than it had been a few weeks ago,
but still noticeable. I had a nice, average build, standing at 5’6″ with
brown hair and blue eyes. My cock was average size; it was six inches
when erect with a thick mound of brown pubic hair at its base. My pubic
hair was just growing back now after Steve trimmed it during my Christmas vacation. I had short little
hairs on my balls. These were also just starting to grow back.

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January in Minnesota is still the dead of winter. For this reason
my Phy. Ed. class doesn’t plan any outside activites for us, which none of
us would disagree with. So during the month of January we were having our
swimming unit.
My school has a fairly large–not quite Olympic size–pool in
which we were to learn basic water safety and some simple swimming
strokes. I loved this unit especially this year because all of the guys
from my class would have to take showers after being in the pool, so I got
the chance to see them all naked which was a sport I had just recently come
to enjoy. During the other units we did the guys had a chance to skip out
on the shower because it wasn’t always necessary and some of them weren’t
into exposing themselves in such a public way. Our swimming unit didn’t
allow for any such bashfulness. We all had to take a trip into the
showers after coming out of the pool.

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It only takes a bottle of wine to make these twinks crave for cock. We get em drunk past the test and give their sexy assholes the fucking they will never forget!

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One of my floor mates was taking a shower, and since the shower
stalls are behind the sinks, and have NO curtains or such, i couldn’t
resist brushing my teeth, shaving, combing my hair etc., just so i
could watch him shower. Nothing super-remarkable, not after what i had
just been with, but nice. Firm, nice body, good build..
Definitely male. I couldn’t repress a smile as i walked off. Yep,
Definitely! male. (i had not been able to NOT notice that semi
erection he’d been sporting)

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Don began panting really heavy, and moaning around Sean’s
cock, and sure enough he began filling my mouth with his bitter-sweet
cream, this triggered me and we both triggered sean. I fell back
asleep cuddle between them, floating in a warm daze.
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Some time later, i half awoke to a warm mouth on my cock, not
insistent, just pleasant, and i lay there revelling in the sensations.
Suddenly, as in the shower, i realized that the mouth was now an ass,
and that i was fucking sean while he was fucking Don! This realization
woke me right up, and i thrust deeply into him. Sean Moaned, and kinda
whispered “i was wondering what it would take to wake you up!” i could
hear the grin in his voice, but from my position could only press
myself further into him, and wrap my arms around both of them.

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I slept for an undetermined amount of time, but was pleasantly
awoken by the sensations caused by Don expertly deep throating my not
so small cock. He has such fine control over his breathing, and those
throat muscles! Soon enough i was WIDE awake, and reaching for seans
arching cock, and we fell into a circle, one sucking the other, while
being sucked by yet another. After quite awhile, we switched around,
and went at it yet again. I was in heaven, for the one thing i like
even more than the feeling of a tight ass, is a hard cock in my mouth!

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Man in cap loves his cock.
I let Sean chatter about his job, and his flight up, and genuinely
enjoyed it. It was nice to have someone just relax and talk, not make
things up to sound good. As we turned into the lot for Don’s Apartment
complex and parked, i have Sean a quick kiss, and led him to Don’s.
Having already informed Don that we would be leaving our clothes on
until atleast after dinner, i was reasonably sure he would answer the
door dressed appropriately. My apprehension was based solely on
wanting this weekend to be really special, not any dislike for Don’s
body or the thought of sex with these hot guys mind you!

Don let us in, and we got Seans stuff arranged, and we all proceeded
to make dinner. Actually Don did, and we interfered, but hey it was
fun! As dinner time approached, i proceeded to undress, grinning as i
went, slowly from fully clothed, down to my boxers, i watched sean do
likewise, slowly baring his sexy, hairy chest and long, muscular legs,
until he was down to the sexy mesh thong i had asked him to wear.
*mmm* the sight had my mouth watering for more than food! Again
summoning my willpower, i just continued to chat, nonchalantly,
seeming to ignore our state of undress, but secretly (or perhaps NOT
so secretly) getting extremely turned on by all this.

Don expressed pleased surprise to find us sitting at the table,
nearly naked, waiting patiently for the food he had provided. Don is a
good cook, and we all were ravenous, so it didn’t last very long,
before we began having thoughts of dessert, feeling quite full, i
decided to postpone mine, and headed into Dons bed room to catch a
nap. tripping over his ropes, and exclaiming in pleased surprise at
finding a pair of fur-lined leather cuffs on the bed, i slipped under
the covers and into dream land, like cutting a fine dive.

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It had been a great day. Warm, dry and the traffic had been light. I had been riding for some seven hours now, but wasn’t yet tired. The sun had just started to draw the evening curtains, and there was a faint hint of rain on the cooling twilight air. I was cruising along acontinue…

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