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Ryan and Glacius bone
I spread the soap over my erection and then put my hands on his
waist. I lined up and shoved forward quickly, thrusting my full length
in. It caught about halfway and I had to readjust slightly before I was
completely inserted.
“Okay, fuck me. Hurry up,” Tim said.
I followed his orders, getting into a quick rhythm right away,
concerned only with getting caught. I didn’t really have time to enjoy
it, but apparently Tim was liking it a lot. He was stroking his meat for
all his worth as I pumped into him.
This high velocity thrusting was driving me to an orgasm really
quickly. I came, spurting my juices into his hot little asshole. I
removed my organ soon after and moved away from him as he continued to
jack off.

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As we walked, i got a good view of his backside, and what a nice
backside it was! Nice firm buns, topped by a firmly muscled and finely
shaped back, all atop a well muscled pair of lightly hairy legs. The
Cute stranger, whom i shall call Blacky, led me into one of the side
alcoves in the shower room, and turned all eight shower heads on full,
filling the room with steam.

Sharing a shower head, my hands began to roam his awesome body,
twisting his nipples, caressing his but, pressing my body to his,
feeling our trapped cocks pressed together. No words were necessary,
as he sank to his knees in the hot spray, and took my cock into his
mouth. Slowly he slid down my length, taking about half of it before
reaching his limit, squeezing my cock head with his throat as he
fought not to gag. Striving not to cum yet, i tossed my head and
moaned, and began to think about my Calc homework, anything to slow
things down. I calmed down, calmed that is, until i felt a new
sensation on my dick. I opened my eyes and found that he had backed
himself onto my dick, and was bouncing my dick head off his prostate!

I reached around him and grasped his bouncing cock, as he began
thrusting against me in earnest. Finding his tempo, he alternated
between thrusting his ass against my groin and drawing forward until i
almost fell out. His motions had the oppostite affect on his cock in
my hand, pressing it forward and them back in my clenched grip.

He began to tremble, at first i thought it was exhaustion, until
that is, i felt his ass spasm, and his hot load began oozing onto my
hand. He pushed himself back onto me, cramming every inch of me into
his spasming depths, and i came. My second load of the day was no less
intense that my first, i came for what felt like hours and his ass
kept milking more out of me.

Gays Meet After Game

Charles Collins opened the note with a trembling hand. “I’ll see
you after the game”, it said. “Don’t get changed.” The note wasn’t
signed, but he knew exactly who it was from, for he had repeatedly
asked his friend Peter to go up to the barn with him after rugby. To-
day, at last, Peter had agreed, and Charles knew that the moment he
had longed for was close.

The game seemed endless; at half-time, Charles would gladly have
walked off the pitch, even though the score was level and his chances
of selection for Saturday’s match hung on the outcome. His mind was
elsewhere, however, and more than once his captain had shouted to him
“Charlie! Wake up!” as his eyes had wandered to the touch-line in
search of his friend. Every scrum seemed to bring temptation – a wan-
dering hand, the faint smell of youthful bodies. But Charles knew that
he must wait, patiently, and that it would be worth it. Continue reading Gays Meet After Game

Crossdressing Gay Fucked Firsttime

The day started like most that I had been at my special place. I removed the blanket from its hiding place and spread it out on the grass. I slowly stripped off my male clothes and started to prepare for my transformation into “Becky”, my female persona. I removed a mirror from the small bag that I brought along with me. I carefully applied the make-up starting with the foundation followed by blush, eyeliner, mascara, and finally bright red lipstick. I check a last time before I was satisfied with the job before I pulled the mid-back length black curly wig out of the bag. I adjusted it into place and started to brush it out. Once I was happy with the way it looked, I began to concentrate on getting dressed.

I sat down on the blanket and started rolling the sheer black nylons that I had just bought. I slowly pulled them up my shaven legs and smoothed them into place. This was followed by a black lace garter belt, which was attached to the nylon tops. Next I pulled out the silicone breast that I ordered over the Internet. I spray the medical grade adhesive onto the back of each breast before pressing them into place. Continue reading Crossdressing Gay Fucked Firsttime