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Shower room

As the boys left it became quieter and quieter in the room as the
shower nozzels were turned off and the chatter from the various people was
taken out into the locker room which was just around the corner from the
showers. Soon I could hear just two shower nozzels still spraying out
water. I glanced over to Tim and saw that he was still in the shower room
with me. We were alone. As I took another glance at his crotch, I
noticed that it seemed to have gotten a little longer and thicker, but I
couldn’t be sure if that was just my imagination. He stood under the
stream of water with his face to it, eyes closed, letting the water spray
into his face.

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Tim Holzny was one of the gods of the shower room. He stood at
5’8″ and had short blond hair. It was almost white blond. He had a very
light skin tone and the blond hairs on his arms and legs barely stood out
against it. He was well built since he was on the track team. He had
very muscular legs and a well defined chest. He had a hairless chest like
mine with hair under his armpits. At his crotch there was a thick mound
of dark blond hair just at the base of his penis which was about my size,
but it seemed fuller than mine at the moment as it hung between his
thighs. I could also see blond hairs on his balls. He was definitely a
natural blond.
Slowly the guys started to exit the shower, but I took my time. I
liked to watch for as long as I could. I continued to pretend to shower,
running the soap repeatedly over my chest and arms as I watched the firm
white asses parade by as they left the room. Then my gaze would return to
the other guys in the shower and continue to watch them spread soap over
their bodies.

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As I slowly washed myself I glanced surreptitiously around at the
naked boys in the shower with me. Some of my favorites, like Tim Holzny,
I would come back to more often to watch. Teasing myself I would first
start looking at their face and then let my eyes travel down their bodies
until I found that special place they rarely revealed to the outside
world. Of course, if they happened to look over my way I would have to
immediately glance away. It was expected we would look at one another,
but intense scrutiny like mine wouldn’t be looked upon kindly. I
especially enjoyed watching the guys as they touched themselves. Sure it
was just an innocent gesture, but it still excited me.

Gay Fucking Machine

It was Friday evening, the end of a thoroughly shitty
week. Travis had had to work late to get some stupid report done
that his boss wanted first thing Monday morning. This pissed him
off, since Travis was in the habit of working out after work on
Fridays – to get into shape for the week end – and he was afraid
the gym would be closed by the time he got there. As it hap-
pened, Travis finally finished his work about eight, the gym
closed at nine, so Travis figured he still had time for at least
part of his routine.

By the time Travis arrived at the gym it was twenty past
eight, there were just a few sweaty guys still there. Most in-
structors had left, leaving Joe to close up. Since he was the
youngest of the gym’s staff, Joe usually got this detail when
things were slow. Travis went directly to the locker room to
change, avoiding looking at Joe. Travis knew Joe would be a
little pissed at somebody coming in this late, but hoped he
wouldn’t say anything about it. Joe didn’t. Travis got into his
sweat pants quickly, not bothering with a shirt or a jock, and
got right down to his workout routine. Recently Travis had been
concentrating on reps for definition, so each routine took a
little while. Travis was concentrating on his third set of
situps on the incline board when he noticed Joe was standing by
his shoulder watching him closely. Continue reading Gay Fucking Machine

Dating A Man

I was getting in touch with the fact i wasn’t goin to marry the girl
i took to the school prom and while i was dancing with her i was
checking out all the guys who at one time to me were dorks and now
they were in tuxes and looked very hot to me…especially this tall
guy whhad the locker next to mine in gym….i was dancing with my
date and looking at him, looking at me, and remembered all the times
we hit the lockers together, but never the showers…and wondered
why….we danced past and around each other, couples jumping senslessly
everyone seeming to be dancing alone. When i looked up and around
again….Bill (the guy with the locker) and I looked like we were
dancing together… Continue reading Dating A Man

Stroking One Gay Cock

At this point I noticed that the guy across the way had pulled his
huge cock out and was stroking it in front of us! This was getting
wild!! I watched as the guy standing next to me was getting a huge
hard-on and, of course, I started to get aroused too. All of a sudden
the blonde hunk pulled his cock out and started to stroke it slowly!
I reached out and started to stroke it for him and I thought he was
going to faint from the excitement- I decided to stand up and pul
l out my member so we could stroke together and he sat down in my
arcade booth. He turned around and then pulled my cock into his
mouth; It was WILD!! here I was, running my hands through the hair
of a hunk while he was sucking my cock and we were being watched
by a man stroking his huge cock across the way!!

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At this point he noticed a couple of guys staring and turned
me around (so that my back was against his chest and stomach again).
I moved about 2 inches away so that I didnt feel his stomach against
my back (so I could try and suppress my hard on). About 30 seconds
later, with the music still pounding and the bar still packed, he
pulled me against him again. This time I reached back and unbut-
toned his jeans. I took that huge fucking cock in my hand and
started rubbing it against my bare back. At this time Sean came
up and started talking to me. “Sean”, I said, “I’m going to
jack-off Tom right here.” Sean looked and saw the huge hard
cock in my hand. “Stand to the side of me so noone can see.”
He stood to our sides and Tom kept thrusting with slow powerful
grinds against my back and hand. I wanted that cock in my mouth
and in my butt — there was nothing I could do except let him
shoot on my back.

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He kept grinding to the music into my back and was sticking
his hands down the back of my pants squeezing my butt. There were
so many people in this bar that noone was really noticing what was
going on (except the bartender behind us). Then I turned around and
wrapped my arms around this hard handsome blonde 22 year old and
burried my face into his wet chest. I licked the sweat from his
blonde hairy armpits and could feel his hard cock against my
stomach and chest (it WAS that big). I noticed his cock was
leaking pre-cum. That was it. I worked my fingers between the
buttons of his sweat soaked 501s — no Calvins this night — and
started feeling his hard thick cock and pubic hairs. I exposed
the tip of his cock through the top of his jeans and started
stroking it. The pre-cum oozed. I licked the pre-cum off my fingers
and this just sent Tom wild.

Can I Join In

I waited in the bathroom for about five minutes hoping
they wouldn’t come in, when I saw the lights in the room go out.
Then I slowly opened the door so I could take a peek at them fucking.
It was hard to see who it was because of the darkness. There was
some light coming through the window and as my eyes adjusted I could
see it was Josh sitting on the bed with his pants down and his legs
spread open a little. It looked like somene was giving him a blowjob
but I couldn’t tell if it was his date, Jennifer, or not. Between
the slurping sounds and Josh’s moaning, my dick was throbbing and
I needed to jack off but I resisted because I had to be ready to
hide when they were done. Then Josh moaned, “Ahh, Darren,
you give such great head.” It wasn’t Jennifer after all but Josh’s
best friend Darren. Josh and Darren were juniors and both on the
football team but niether is really a big guy, they are both just
firm and muscular enough to look hot. I had also had a crush on
both of them at one time. Well I couldn’t just watch any more, I
had to join in. So I snuck up behind Josh making sure Darren couldn’t
see me and I said, “Hi, mind if I join?” Both of them jumped backwards.
Josh quickly pulled up his pants and tried to stuff his 6″ cock
back in. Darren had all his clothes on but I could see his dick
making quite a bulge in his trousers. “What are you doing here?”
,asked Darren. I explained to them about how I was in the bathroom
and how I was watching them. Then I repeated my question, “So can
I join in?” They both looked at each other and then turned to
me and ADarren said, “Yeah, sure.” I said, “Great but first we should
get out of these stuffy clothes.” So we all stripped down bare naked.
Then Josh laid down on the bed leaning up against the headboard and
held his stiff dick in the air.

Gay Backrider Sex Story

It had been a great day. Warm, dry and the traffic had been light.

I had been riding for some seven hours now, but wasn’t yet tired. The

sun had just started to draw the evening curtains, and there was a

faint hint of rain on the cooling twilight air. I was cruising along a

quiet back road in Sussex on my BMW K100.

I have been riding bikes since I was 16, that’s 24 years now. I

have always liked biking, and will do it for as long as I can. I’m not

a flash rider. My bike is silver and standard; and I wear jeans and a

black leather jacket. I like wearing jeans, they are comfortable and

offer a little more protection than trousers.

I was doing about 50 when I saw across the hedge a Day-Glow lemon

top and black trousers. Quick check, no speed O.K. as I’m outside the

limit, still be careful! After rounding a couple of bends the road

straightened out and I could see the figure some way ahead. I was

wrong, it wasn’t the law, just some youngster in a fluorescent top and

black track suit trousers. He was hitching as far as I could tell from

this distance, but I don’t pick up hitch-hikers. Still I was in a good

mood as the day had been good; and he was miles from anywhere on a

road with little traffic and he couldn’t cause me much trouble on the

back really. I slowed down and pulled up alongside him.

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