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teen twinks

Gay Massage

Ray opened the front door to his home and there stood Brady. He stood about six feet four inches and weighed about 200 pounds. He was solid muscle. Brady’s handsome face and boyish smile was enough to melt metal. “Come on in Brady.” Brady entered and walked into the living room. “Have a seat.” Bradycontinue…

Gay Moans

Returning I began on your right breast, licking lightly at first until I reached the nipple. There I stayed until it became hard, and then I sucked all of your breast into my mouth. You let out a gasp. Goddess, you are a quiet one. I did the same for the left breast and recievedcontinue…

Gays Meet After Game

Charles Collins opened the note with a trembling hand. “I’ll see you after the game”, it said. “Don’t get changed.” The note wasn’t signed, but he knew exactly who it was from, for he had repeatedly asked his friend Peter to go up to the barn with him after rugby. To- day, at last, Petercontinue…

Sexiest stud I ve ever seen

When I was a junior in high school a couple of years ago, there was the really hot guy on the water polo team named Peter. Now Peter was also a junior and he was incredibly muscular. He worked out in the pool daily from 5:45am-7:30 and 3:00pm-5:30pm. He also pumped iron regularly. He hadcontinue…

Stroking One Gay Cock

At this point I noticed that the guy across the way had pulled his huge cock out and was stroking it in front of us! This was getting wild!! I watched as the guy standing next to me was getting a huge hard-on and, of course, I started to get aroused too. All of acontinue…

Public Gay Cumshot

His muscles were tightening — the time for that hot white explosion was close. Trying to stand firm, some fucking ass- hole bumped into me and I about fell — Tom had his eyes closed and cut loose with the my powerful yell and shot his load — SPURM — SPURM — SPURM — SPURMcontinue…

Threesome Gay XXX

Sean, Tom and I hung pretty tight and the others drifted off. We danced and danced and danced and danced and danced — all the while the bartenders kept sending us drinks (as they were thrilled to have Tom in the bar too). The bar was packed. After about 23 1/2 6-7 minute 12″ singlescontinue…

Gay Backrider Sex Story

It had been a great day. Warm, dry and the traffic had been light. I had been riding for some seven hours now, but wasn’t yet tired. The sun had just started to draw the evening curtains, and there was a faint hint of rain on the cooling twilight air. I was cruising along acontinue…

Gay Voyeur Outdoor

I was talking to a new friend the other night and he wanted to know just when I realized I was gay. I told him that I realized that boys interested me from the time I was about 5 or 6. I used to live in the city of Poughkeepsie in New York and ourcontinue…

Best Friend

My “first time” was in high school. I was a right halfback in the old t-formation and I had an offensive tackle, named Dick (off all things) who was one of the best blockers in the city. He really made me look good and paved the way for me to be all-city my senior year.continue…

First Time Gay Sex Story

A few years ago, I lived in a luxury apartment complex. Across the hall was a great guy by the name of John. John was a very well liked guy around town, owned his own business, was attractive, dated several nights a week, and enjoyed most sports. We met while golfing at the complex’s course.continue…

my first gay experience

First Time My first time was as a junior in high school. Had gone camping with my best buddy. We were alone up in the mountains and discussing many of our supposed “conquests” with all the girls in school. Both of us were taking Psychology classes at the time and had been hypnotized by ourcontinue…

drunken gay fuckign story

Alcohol makes these boys wanna try gay sex. We ainТt alcoholics Ц we just get these boys drunk and fuck Сem any way we want to. After a few shots of vodka their secret wishes come to life. Alcohol and cum is their favorite cocktail! where to find these nasty gays? real drunked boys Archive-name:continue…

Gay Solos Blog

Now Gay Solos Blog is open and new posts are to come soon featuring solo gay pictures, gay softcore and twinks posing.

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